Essays are DUE Friday, September 14th at 3 pm on and a hardcopy to Ms. Rapp’s room 318. Bills are DUE Sunday, September 16th at 12pm on

On this page you will find the two assignments required for trying out for Y&G, the essay/short answer and the bill.

Bill Assignment


A Bill creates a new law or repeals or amends (changes) an existing law.


You are going to create an idea for a Bill that will in some way impact the State of California.


  • No Longer than 1.5 pages, 1.5 line spacing

  • Your name and color group should be in the top right hand corner (of both pages if more than one)

  • Include a title for your bill idea

  • Ineligible topics:

    • Anything related to drunk driving

    • Anything related to immigration

General Format for success:

  • State the problem

  • Explain why it needs to be fixed or changed

  • Address how you would fix it

This can be done in persuasive essay form. It is not necessary to identify specific code sections that need to be changed, or to address every detail. If your bill is chosen as a bill our delegation sends to Sacramento, we will all work on the details and nuances of the plan. We are just looking for you to explain your IDEA.

This must be submitted to on Sunday September 16th by 12pm.

Points to consider

  • Your idea has to be specific to the State of California. Do not address an issue that pertains to the federal government, such as the IRS or immigration or the military.

  • Be creative. Check out categories of code: This can help give your direction on the types of issues to address. (For instance, what is in the “Probate code”? If you read through the table of contents it might help give you ideas.

  • Your idea can’t already BE a law that is currently in place. Looking at the website can help let you know what the law already says.

Some Examples

  • Too many kids hit by cars traveling 25mph sustain life-threatening injuries, 25mph is just too fast. But the speed limit around schools and parks is 25mph.  Studies show that fewer kids die or sustain serious injury when the speed limit is 15mph.  The speed limit should be lowered.

  • Many people want to stop smoking, but do not have the resources to purchase products that can assist in that aim. A program should be created through California public hospitals that will allow for free Nicotine Replacement Therapy to be distributed to people in need.

  • Inorganic pesticides are harmful to the environment. While necessary for agriculture, they are not necessary if their sole aim is home beautification. Therefore, inorganic pesticides for home use should be banned in California.

  • Capitol gains (the income people make from things like stocks and investments) are taxed in the state of California at 10.33%. This rate should be lowered to 5% in order to allow for this money to be circulated back into the economy by those earning this income.

How to get started

Take a few minutes each day to see what’s going on in California.  A quick scan of the headlines could prompt some ideas. Has there ever been anything you have been frustrated with? Anything you think would positively impact part of our California life?


  •,  - Blogs about California politics

  • Our local newspaper’s website, like, along with major city papers like;; or

  •  - an easy, free site housing all of California statutory law , the State Constitution, Legislative publications (like the Daily Files and Journals), and ALL of the bills introduced by the Legislature since the 1993-1994 session. Most of it is searchable by key word or code section/bill number.  The Bill Information section alone can provide a lot of information about past attempts to change the law you’re currently considering changing.

Also, talk to friends and family for ideas. Parents often have more experience about things about our state that they would like to see changed, so ask around and see if you can get something to work with!  

Scoring Rubric

Screen Shot 2018-09-10 at 8.27.57 AM.png

Essay Assignment

You will answer the writing prompt to the best of your ability.


Should be (in total) no longer than 2 pages (single sided), 1.5 line spacing, 1 inch margins, 12pt font.

You can answer the question in whatever length you need, but it should be at least one page.

Your name and color group should be in the top right hand corner of each page

You must submit your essay to and have a hard copy to Ms. Rapp's Room 318 by Friday, September 14th at 3:00pm.


In the wake of the 2016 election, it was shown that foreign agents used social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to spread misinformation that may have affected how voters viewed specific issues or candidates. In the aftermath of that election, many voices have called on the leadership of these tech companies to ban certain accounts or individuals that have been shown to propagate certain information, and that has extended to issues of abuse or discrimination. While the First Amendment protects censorship by the government, it does not say anything about private companies like Facebook.

Using the length guidelines provided, please take a clear position on the following question:

Should the leadership of private tech companies like Facebook, Twitter, or Google monitor their sites and remove content at their choosing? Or should they keep their platforms free and open to any content, regardless of truth or intent?

Essay Scoring Rubric

*If essay is too short, then one point will be deducted from whatever the score would be

*If essay is too short, then one point will be deducted from whatever the score would be


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