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Appointed Positions

STATEWIDE LEADERSHIP                                                                   

  • Chaplain
  • Governor’s Cabinet (prior experience in Y&G)
  • Undersecretary of State


  • Committee Chair (prior experience in Y&G)

APPELLATE COURT                                                                              

  • Lead Appellant (prior experience in court program)
  • Lead Justice (prior experience in court program)
  • Lead Respondent (prior experience in court program)

BOARD OF EDUCATION                                                                                

  • Deputy Superintendent of Public Instruction

CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION                                              

  • Director

DEPARTMENT OF FINANCE                                                                 

  • Budget Committee Chair
  • Chief of Staff (prior experience as DoF chair)
  • Deputy Director: (prior experience as DoF chair)

INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS COMMISSION                                                     

  • Chair (prior experience in Y&G)

JUDICIAL REVIEW                                                                               

  • Presiding Justice (prior experience in court program)


  • Governor’s Lobbyist

MEDIA PROGRAM                                                                          

  • Editor-in-Chief (prior experience in Media)
  • Executive Producer
  • Social Media Editor
  • Technical Director, Video
  • Technical Director, Online

NATIONAL ISSUES COMMISSION                                                        

  • Commission Chair (prior experience in Y&G

POLITICAL PARTIES                                                                           

  • Political Party Chair            


  • Committee Chair (prior experience in Y&G)

For more specific information regarding Appointed Positions:

Appointed Positions

Elected Positions

Statewide Leadership: (has to be a Junior w/ prior experience)

  • Youth Governor (Tier 1 Officer)
  • Secretary of State (Tier 1 Officer)


  • Chief Clerk of the Assembly
  • Sgt-at-Arms of the Assembly
  • Speaker of the Assembly (prior experience in Legislative Houses)
  • Speaker Pro-Tem of the Assembly (prior experience in Y&G)


  • State Superintendent of Public Instruction (prior experience in Board of Ed)

CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION                                              

  • Presiding Speaker (Seniors only)
  • Speaker Pro-Tem (Seniors only)


  • Director of the Department of Finance (prior experience as DoF Budget Chair)

FORUM (9th Grade Only)                                                                                           

  • Forum Chief Clerk of the Assembly
  • Forum Lt. Governor
  • Forum Secretary of the Senate
  • Forum Sgt-at-Arms
  • Forum Speaker of the Assembly
  • Committee Chair

INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS COMMISSION (IAC)                                       

  • Chief Rapporteur (prior experience in IAC)

JURY TRIAL                                                                                         

  • District Attorney (prior experience in a court program)

LEGISLATIVE ANALYST                                                                                

  • State Legislative Analyst (prior Leg. An. experience)

NATIONAL ISSUES COMMISSION (NIC)                                              

  • Administrative Clerk 
  • Adversary General (prior experience in Y&G)
  • NIC Presiding Commissioner (prior experience in NIC)


  • Chief Polling Officer (Juniors & Seniors with prior experience in Y&G)


  • Lt. Governor (prior experience in Legislative Houses)
  • President Pro-Tem (prior experience in Y&G
  • Secretary of the Senate
  • Sgt-at-Arms of the Senate

SUPREME COURT                                                                                 

  • Attorney General (prior experience in court program)
  • Chief Justice of the Supreme Court (prior experience in court program)

For more specific information regarding Elected Positions:

Elected Positions