What is the try-out process like?

Tryouts take place in early September. Learn more about tryouts here.

How much time does Youth & Government take?

The NCDM delegation has mandatory weekly meetings on Wednesdays from 7:00 to 9:15. There are also mandatory conferences called Fresno I (T&E 1), Fresno II (T&E2), and Sacramento (Sac). The dates for these conferences are Veteran's weekend in November, MLK weekend in January, and the first half of NMUSD's ski week in February. If you are unable to attend any of these conferences you unfortunately can not be a part of the delegation.

What is Sacramento like?

In Sacramento, we put everything we’ve learned and practiced throughout the year to work as we take over the streets of Sacramento for a week. From legislative bill sessions in the actual Senate and Assembly chambers, to hearing court cases inside the halls of the California Supreme Court, and getting the chance to listen to the political leaders of California at Joint Sessions, Sacramento is a week where we become almost like the real government, working and touring in the offices of the Capitol. Throughout the conference, we get to stay at the Hyatt Regency steps away from the Capitol building. The experience gives you a taste of independence as you work in real world settings. You must dress the part, wearing professional attire to all sessions. Everyone is responsible for getting food, getting enough sleep, and preparing for the challenges of each day.

Do you have to like government to join?

No, many delegates join without a passion for government but find their niche and make the most of the YnG experience.

Is Y&G a clique?

We are a family.

Why do we dress up like pirates?

Pirates are essentially our mascot and we dress up to show our spirit and NCDM pride.

Is it really fun?

Yes, YnG gives you the opportunity to bond with a wide variety of people from your school, and meet new friends from across the state. There are a ton of social events, and chances to get involved in not only government, but everything YnG has to offer.

Should I try-out?

 Of course!