Forum is a fantastic introductory opportunity for freshman delegates to learn about the different elements of the Y&G program! Each position plays a specific role, contributing to a committee of 15-20 members and resulting in an incredible team-building and leadership experience. 


Committee Chair - This delegate leads the overall creation, revision, and production of the committee’s proposal or bill. 

Vice Chair - This delegate assists the committee chair, taking over responsibilities and leading meetings alongside them. Additionally, the Vice Chair steps up for the Committee Chair if they’re unavailable. 

Bill Sponsor - These delegates have the privilege of presenting the finished proposal or bill to the Senate or Assembly through an opening speech, by answering questions, and through a closing summation speech. 

Lobbyist - These delegates engage in passionate debate through pro/con speeches regarding the proposal or bill at hand. 

Legislative Analyst - These delegates discuss the financial aspects and logistics of a proposal or bill through an explanatory speech. 

Clerk - These delegates plan, format, and write the final draft of their committee’s proposal or bill. 

Pollsters - These delegates survey their peers and collect data to be used as supporting evidence that backs up their committee’s proposal or bill. 

Chaplin - These delegates help maintain a positive and encouraging environment during meetings and sessions by coordinating icebreakers, games, and bonding activities for their committee. 

Media - The media delegates cover the journalistic aspects of the conference through articles and photography. 

Court - Although still part of a committee, Forum Court members participate in separate sessions in which they explore the judicial program areas of Y&G.