1/16: Meeting tonight at 7! Don’t be late! We will be separating into program areas and giving some announcements. T&E 2 is this weekend, get PUMPED :)

Please click on "What is Y&G" under the general tab in order to find more information. 

How do I join?

The tryouts for this year are over, but come and tryout next year if you are interested! Youth and Government has a tryout process that is used to select the best individuals for the program.

  • Attend the info meeting at the beginning of the school year

  • Attend 2 nights of group try outs

  • Write and submit a bill as well as an essay, click here for specifics

  • Be yourself and have fun!


what is Y&G?

Find out about our organization, and how the program works.

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Learn about our biggest conference and what we work towards all year!

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