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Congratulations to our new candidates!

 Lauren Arrigo- Secretary of State

 Austin Baxter- Chief Justice

Wesley Davies- Forum Lt. Governor

With you guys as our representatives, NCDM name will continue to uphold its reputation as a leadership powerhouse. Also, if you ran for a position, congratulations as well. Congratulations for having the confidence to put yourself out there in addition to being open trying for leadership positions, especially the Forum :). Before we heard from our candidates, we received an inspiring speech from Kennedy McGuinness, teaching us not to judge a book by its cover through a dream she had in her youth. Definitely memorable. Shortly after met with our color groups to discuss the changes made to our bills and vote on our favorites based on feasibility, debatability, originality, and practicality. Congratulations if your bill was chosen! We were then informed more about the mentor program as well as appointed positions! I can't wait to see all of your at our application writing sessions; Thursday and Friday during lunch, 5th & 6th period. At the closing, Jessica Saucedo gave an extremely thoughtful speech as she passed Billy's cousin to Maria Labruna. For those of you who were a little confused Billy's cousin is a necklace or token passed between delegates. It's used as an opportunity to recognize a delegate for their work and attitude. The person who gives it away prepares a short speech highlighting what made the delegate stand out to them. Next week Maria will give it to one of you who has stood out to as a delegate and a friend. See you all at the next meeting!


-Research information on the bills your committee was assigned to (in your color group). Come prepared with your research ready to share!

-Application assistance sessions- Want tips and pointer for writing your application for appointed leadership? Don't hesitate to come to writing sessions during lunch, 5th and 6th period on Thursday and Friday! The board will be there to help you put your best foot forward!

-Mark your calendars for Friday October 17, from 6:00-10:00 for our social event! Every year it's incredibly fun and no one wants to miss out on the expected things that happen!! (like Fisch diving into the pool in his clothes)

Earlier Event: September 30
Later Event: October 12
Parent Meeting