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Bill Night


Monday November 9th


In order to decide which bills to send to Fresno as NCDM bills, we will be having bill night this Monday! We will be debating the bills in a mock bicameral legislature. If you are a bill sponsor or pro speaker, have speeches ready! As we debate there will be an opportunity for 2 delegates to give con speeches. Also, make sure to bring your placard to bill night. If you do not have it, you will not be able to be called on, thus you will not be able to speak. Remember the Board fashion show at the last meeting? If you don't, it was a beautiful display given by our board that displayed professional attire. Make sure you wear code to Bill Night. If you have any questions or need to borrow anything, reach out to your mentor!



These are the bills that made it to the real Bill Night!

WPA - Dark Blue
ICE Immigration Reform - Orange
Beach Showers - oreo
Halfway House Employment - Dark Blue
Limiting Almond Water Use - Brown
Using Fog Harvester - Pink
Organ Donor Education - Pink
Lottery reform - Purple
Homeless Housing - Grey
Promoting Homeless Job Use - Brown
Luxury tax on non-essential cosmetic surgeries - Light Blue
Removing Sales Tax on Used Clothing - Brown
Mandating Excess Pharmaceuticals be Distributed to Impoverished - Red
Tiered Minimum Wage - Pink

 Make sure you have these fully developed and you understand and can defend all aspects!

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