So you just went to the Info meeting! Now What?

Step 1: Confirm you can make ALL the conference dates and Wednesday night meetings. (If you have a conflict, you unfortunately can not be a part of Y&G.)

Step 2: Begin the conversation with your parents about the cost of the program, which is $1500. More will be sent to them about this. We do raise money for scholarships!

Step 3: Read the “Common Tryout Questions” page to get some more insight into the process.

Step 4: Bring yourself and an awesome attitude to the first Tryout Meeting on Wednesday September 12th. Don’t be late!!

Step 5: Have an amazing time at the Tryout Meeting, and come back for the second tryout meeting on Thursday September 13th!

Step 6: Details about essays and bills requirements will be discussed at the first tryout meeting.

If you have any questions contact: 

Brandon Fischer (Lead Advisor)-

Connery O'Neal (President)- , (949) 423-4086

Bridgid Kennelly (Vice President)- , (949) 933-7731