Sacramento (SAC) is the pinnacle of the youth and government experience, as our delegates get to show off all they have learned and worked towards. In Sacramento, California, our delegates stay in Hyatt suites just across the street from the Capitol building. Students experience the city as a real-life legislator, managing their own schedule and appointments. The Sacramento experience teaches delegates how to be independent, as they have full freedom to explore, work, and socialize within the designated boundaries. Sessions take place in government buildings all over Sacramento, using real court rooms and the actual Senate and House chambers. In addition, Sacramento offers a multitude of restaurants and coffee shops where students can take a break from all the action. The Sacramento experience is difficult to convey with words, but is undoubtedly something all our delegates hold to close to their hearts. 

WHEN: Wednesday, Feb 13th – Feb 17th, 2020

SAC is a bit different from T&E 1&2 in that we have a strict dress code ("code") to follow. However, dressing up is one of the best parts of the trip! Here’s what to bring:

Sacramento Packing and Survival Guide

Dress Code

Cal YMCA Official Dress Code Supplement can be found here
Leggings are OK after 10:00pm
Flip flops are never OK. 

Click here for the general Sacramento Survival Guide and click here for the Advisor Survival Guide. 

Please click here to find an updated area map for MLC. Delegate safety is our top priority at conferences, so please make sure that you and your delegations familiarize yourselves with this map.
Within this map, you will find designated walking routes. It is very important that these routes are used, especially the route to the Best Western. Please know that we will have security posted on this route from 6:00 P.M. to 12:00 A.M. each evening, as well as possibly advisors (this will be specified in the advisor duties). Additionally, please remember that delegates should only be walking in groups of 3 or more, preferably with an advisor (an advisor is not required to accompany groups of delegates, but it is highly recommended).



We will all be staying at the Sheraton Grand Hotel. Because of the size of the delegation, we take up over an entire floor. Understand that half the rooms on this floor have 1 King Bed, and the other half have 2 double beds. Because of this, sleeping arrangements have to be very flexible and creative. Not every student will have a bed. Each room will be responsible for figuring out a “bed-rotation”, or who gets the couch, or floor, or whatever. Every year the students figure it out, and make it work, but please do not be under an illusion that every student gets their own bed. It is obviously not possible. Many people bring a sleeping bag just in case, or have a couple for each room. First year delegates can talk to veterans to get an idea of what works best. For all the rooms with 1 bed, I have budgeted to order a roll-a-way cot, so that should make things even easier.


I need to be notified of, and approve, any travel plan that requires a student NOT taking the bus either direction. I would ask that you send me the plan, and if a plane ticket is purchased, all the flight information. I need you to email this to me at

Please keep in mind that a student may not leave before Monday morning (the 20th), for any reason, and doing so will jeopardize the student’s ability to be a part of Y&G in the future. I do not like having to be hard on this, but the events of that last night, the coordination of these plans on the most significant night of the conference, and what it requires from my staff to be liability-compliant, makes this one of the few non-negotiable items.