Training & Elections I (Fresno 1)

WHAT: Training & Election 1 (Fresno 1) is the first of our 3 conferences! We travel by bus to Fresno, CA on November 10th to meet up with over 3000 other state-wide delegates. There, we will learn about the Y&G program areas as well as begin campaigning for our candidates. Freshmen will separate to learn about the Forum program. This conference is the real "introduction" to Youth and Government and all of its components. 

WHERE: Fresno Convention Center

WHEN: November 9th in the afternoon - November 11th



Where are we staying? 

We are staying at the DoubleTree in Fresno. We are on a rotation of hotels for the Fresno conferences, and we have the close one for this T&E conference! It is directly across the street from the Convention Center where we will be having our sessions. The address is 2233 Ventura St, Fresno, CA 93721.

What are the sleeping arrangements?

Every student is 4 to a room in a hotel that is not designed for that. With that being said, while some students are going to be in a room with 2 double beds, some will be in a room with 1 King bed. The students work through this situation every year, and often trade off on who gets the bed. But, we would encourage students to plan ahead with their roommates, and possibly bring a sleeping bag and/or sleeping pad to make sleeping easier.

What is the towel and toiletry situation? 

We expect that each hotel room will come with 4 towels. However, with the short stay and massive group, re-stocking will be tough. Please ask delegates to bring their own towels and toiletries, and re-use the towels in their rooms instead of throwing them on the floor. This will guarantee that everyone gets a clean towel for showering. 

Are boys allowed in girl's rooms, and vice versa? 
No. At the Fresno conferences, students can not go into the rooms of students with a different gender.  


Are we allowed to bring backpacks? 

Backpacks, purses, and drawstring bags are allowed in Fresno. You can check out the NCDM webstore and purchase a drawstring bag with our logo!

What will dress code be?
School attire. No sweatpants allowed outside of hotel rooms, but you can wear them on the bus. Leggings/yoga pants are allowed, but CANNOT be see through. Make sure you bring your NCDM gear!!!

Is there any other need for money?
Technically, other than food (see below), everything is taken care of with the student dues. However, some delegations sell items (food, clothing, etc) as fundraisers, and students often need cash for these items. So, it might be worth providing them with a couple bucks (maybe $40 for the whole weekend) if they want to make one of these purchases.

Each of the hotels has complimentary wifi in their guest rooms. 

Will meals be provided?
Yes, Y&G will be providing Friday Dinner to Monday Lunch in the Convention Center. The students will just need money for lunch on the way there and the way back. So, $40 should be more than enough to cover those meals and a couple snacks. Some students want to eat at the limited eateries within bounds, and would need money to do that.

Will there be supervision at each hotel?
Yes, there will be at least one “dean” (now called a Safety Wellness Advisor)  assigned to each hotel, and at least two at the larger hotels. In addition, we have an SWA assigned to our delegation specifically.

How safe is the area we will be in?
Similar to Sacramento, Fresno is as safe an area as we make it. With everyone's help, and the attitude that every delegate is your delegate, we can ensure that everyone is traveling in large groups and is making good choices. The more we look out for one another, the safer the everyone will be. 

Will there be additional security in the area?
Similar to Sacramento, the Fresno PD knows we are there and will have additional officers in the area. Fresno also will have Ambassadors stationed around our area to help monitor and point delegates in the right direction.