Hello Newcomers and Forgetful Returners!  This is a bullet-proof list to guarantee that every conference is the best possible.  If anything needs to be cleared up, ask a color group leader or returner!  You should definitely be excited.


Tips & Tricks

  • Make sure to eat and drink as often as possible.  Because of the amounts of work and fun you will be having, you need energy to EAT and DRINK every chance you get to make sure you don’t get sick or fatigued

  • Ask questions!  Returners are trained to be helpful, as they know about the tragedies of missing session or getting lost.  

  • Check the facebook page, reminder texts, and snapchat for important messages and help when at conferences!  .

  • MAKE SURE TO WRITE YOUR NAME ON YOUR SHIRT, SWEATSHIRT, AND DRAWSTRING BAG . There are many other ones that look exactly the same. 

  • Cheer as loud as you can. NCDM prides itself on having the loudest and best cheers. Now that we have more in our delegation, we need to make up for it

  • Meet as many people as you can. The friends made in Fresno could last lifetimes, so why not try talking when surrounded by thousands of others?

  • Sit in the front of ALL of your sessions. Speak as much as possible, T&E I is the best opportunity to speak out in a laid back setting.

  • CAMPAIGN CAMPAIGN CAMPAIGN. It’s a great way to meet people and it is your duty as a pirate to get the word out about our awesome candidates.

  • Do not use your phones during session.  Polychronopolis and Reeves are always watcing.  Always….

  • Listen to candidate speeches and ask them questions when you see them, you will be voting for a few of them soon.

Things to Pack

  • Cold and warm clothing  (Fresno is weird)
  • PIRATE GEAR (for the dance)

  • A reuseable water bottle (to keep hydrated)

  • Healthy snacks (so you won't pass out)

  • POP TARTS/Cereal (for breakfast on the go)

  • Sleeping Bags (for phobias of hotel rooms)

  • Chapstick (for your lips)

  • Phone/Electronics Charger (for charging)

  • Towel (for your own comfort)

  • Cough Drops (chances are you will lose your voice)

  • Speakers (we get turnt in Frez)

  • Dry shampoo (for the ladies, guys with flow can use it too)

  • Feminine products (TMI)

  • Backpack (to carry schedules, food and stuffs)