What is youth and Government

Youth and Government is a hands-on simulation of our state government’s democratic process involving over 3200 high school teens from the state of California. Over the course of 5 months, you will take part in weekly meetings and two weekend conferences where you elect officers and train in a specific program area. Some of these program areas include:

Senate and Assembly

Trial and Appellate Court Program

National Issues Commission

Department of Finance 


Much more!

All of the training culminates in the trip to Sacramento, where for 5 days YOU take over the State Capitol, Courthouse, and Convention Center to argue your case, debate legislation, and see democracy in action.

In addition to the exciting educational experiences, Youth and Government is an incredible social experience. Our delegation and the Youth and Government conferences include activities that provide you with opportunities to make great new friends at both our school and from other delegations across the state.

What are the requirements?

Attendance at Wednesday night meetings from September until March (holidays excluded)

Attendance at all mandatory conferences:

Training and Elections Conference I (November 9th to the 11th)

Training and Elections Conference II (January 19th to the 21st)

Sacramento  (February 13th to the 18th)

(If you can’t make one of these, you can’t be a part of the program. So talk to your parents NOW!!)

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for any 9th through 12th grader who is willing to think critically, share their ideas and opinions, show spirit and enthusiasm, and actively participate. 

Previous knowledge of politics is not required, and you do not have to love government, but we are looking for people who have opinions and want to make a difference.

What do I get out of Youth and Government?

Personal growth and development

Improved leadership skills and confidence in public speaking

A working knowledge of how our state government works

5 units of social studies elective credit

New friends both at CdM and across the state

A feeling that you belong to something very special

Where can I get more information?

California YMCA website: http://www.calymca.org/

Brandon Fischer: branfischer@gmail.com